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InterAlliance Group Services started new service for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India related services in order to assist Foreign Investors, NRIs/PIOs and Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCBs).

FDI Services Started

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Latest News


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IT Services: Website,  Database & Customised Application Development

We analyse our clients’ business activities and suggest IT Strategy improving business processes leading to automation, improved performance and business growth.


We assist businesses in building a strong Brand value and business image by offering quality website designs.

We offer:-


Database is an essential form of  data organisation making data easily accessible, readable and meaningful by converting it in to useful information. We offer database development service after understanding client organisation's business entities and how a database could save operating cost in the future. Since we offer our management consultancy to many sectors, we are capable of quickly understanding business goals and information complexities involved in the business model.

We can offer databases using:

Customised Software Solutions

Customised software helps in meeting the specific goals of the business by understanding business model. We develop software specifically for our client's business leading to automation and cuts in payroll.

Contact Us to discuss your specific needs and we will propose you various customised solutions.

Financial  Management Solutions for Construction Sector

We have experience of  development of  Customised Financial Management IT Solutions for Construction sector with key features of :-

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